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About Carseldine Test Centre

Carseldine Driving Test centre is on the North side of Brisbane. Some learner drivers new to this area may find it quite challenging. However, with much practice, the learner driver can pass the driving test on the first attempt. Passing a driving test can be a good feeling. But what many learner drivers don’t know is that having a driver’s license is an enormous responsibility. This includes ensuring that both the driver, passengers and all other road users, including pedestrians, are safe at all times. We list a few practical driving tips for the Carseldine Test Centre below.

Few Tips About Carseldine Test Centre

School Zones

There are a lot of school zones around this area. Learner drivers going to do the test should watch out for all the changing traffic speed signs. The school zone begins when a driver passes a 40km/hr speed sign. It only ends when the driver passes another speed sign. Be mindful that sometimes when you turn into a different road that this may still be a school zone. Signal Driving School can help you familiarize yourself with Carseldine school zones.


Motorway merging is very common in this area on M3. Sometimes, they can also take you to M1 motorway.  Learner drivers should ensure that they merge, doing the right speed. Often, they make the mistake of trying to merge at low speed. This often results in a critical driving error. Our driving school trainers can help you familiarize yourself with the motorway around Carseldine.


Roundabouts are common around Carseldine, especially the multi-lane roundabout. Driving test candidates should ensure that they are able to progress through this sort of intersection with care. Signal Driving School can help familiarize you with Carseldine Roundabouts

Driving Test Manoeuvres

They are different maneuvers that the driving examiner can ask you to do in a practical driving test at Carseldine test centre. Some of the common maneuvers include:

  • Three-point turn
  • Parallel parking
  • Reversing in a straight line
  • U-turn on a street on the left, on a street on the right, Crossroad U-turn and T-intersection U-turn

Want to pass on first go at Carseldine test centre?

Signal Driving School instructors know some of the popular driving test routes at Carseldine. They can take you around these routes and help you gain the confidence needed to pass at Carseldine test centre. We also have a mock test where the instructor assesses your readiness. Our mock test is very popular and many people take it to boost their chance of passing the actual practical driving test at Carseldine. On average, those who book the mock driving test with us have a 95% chance of passing the Queensland Transport driving test. You can book the mock test using our secure online booking or simply contact our office and we will book you in.

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