Are you doing a practical driving test in Strathpine soon or in the near future? Our driver trainer Chris, who has experience in many test centres around Brisbane region gives some useful tips below.

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Some things to be aware of

Generally speaking, Strathpine is one of the best test centres to take a practical driving test. This is due to the fact that traffic around this area is not as bad as other centres. However, you may get a critical error from some tricky scenarios that you may encounter. These include failing to stop at stop signs, merging onto M3, exceeding the speed limit and a few others. When you get a critical error, it means that you have failed your test.

1. Failing to stop at stop signs

Here is an example of a scenario from a practical driving test in Strathpine:  You are asked to go straight at the Gympie Road intersection towards Samsonvale Road. Next, you are asked to take an immediate left turn followed by another left turn towards Railway Avenue. This is a narrow street and there is a blind spot turning into this road. Therefore, you need to be extra observant and scanning is a must.

You then head towards Centrelink and may be required to recognize the one way sign and indicate left. Furthermore, there is also a pedestrian crossing. A couple of critical errors can potentially happen when you are at the pedestrian crossing. Furthermore, the pedestrian crossing is quite close to the stop line. Therefore, if you stop for a pedestrian, you are still required to stop at the stop sign just before the line. Once you have stopped, you are free to move forward to ensure that you can see the road clearly.

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2. Speed limits

In general, most of the roads in Strathpine are 50km/h and 60km/h. However,  road works and school zones may reduce the speed limit in certain areas. Gympie Road speed also changes from 70km/hr to 60km/hr. Most candidates make the mistake of failing to adjust to the new speed that starts where the speed sign is.

In addition, it is better off for you to reduce your speed the moment you see the new speed sign. This action avoids the need to suddenly decelerate. Remember to always look ahead. Most unnecessary failing happens because of failing to scan ahead and plan well in advance. Most importantly, there is zero tolerance for speeding.

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3a. Motorway merge

A lot of candidates going to do their practical driving test in Strathpine always think that the motorway is not part of the test. However, the motorway IS a part of the driving test and is one of the many reason why people fail their driving test.

Hint: if you haven’t merged from Linkefield Street towards the M3 ramp before and you are doing a test in Strathpine, we recommend you to give it a try before your test. This area requires you to demonstrate your ability to accelerate quickly while simultaneously negotiating a bend. You then need to merge properly and make sure that you don’t force other traffic behind you to suddenly reduce their speed. It is recommended to always merge with at least 80km/h speed. This speed allows other traffic already on the motorway and those behind to not take extra action.

3b. Motorway exit

Although merging is a reasonably easy thing to do, the other tricky bit is exiting the motorway. Coming off of the motorway(Strathpine Exit) is quite challenging if you haven’t been to this exit before. Firstly there is a recommended 60km/h which suddenly appears, then about 150m later there is a mandatory 60km/h sign which the drivers must obey. Try to slow down in advance to avoid exceeding the speed limit. You don’t want to slow down from 100km/h to 60 km/h in one second as this can result in you being rear ended.

4. Gympie road roundabout and unmarked roads

Take care when negotiating multi laned roundabouts as they can sometimes it can be quite busy. Make sure that you notice it well in advanced so that you can be in the proper lane for the direction you’re going.

Furthermore, when driving in unmarked roads, it is essential to avoid driving too close to the centre. Always aim your vehicle towards the left of the road. When doing parallel parking and other manouvres, also take care that you do not hit the curb.

Want to know what we think about other testing centres around Brisbane region. Check our this blog again soon!

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