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Greenslopes Test Centre

This centre is located on the south side of Brisbane. Most learner drivers looking to do their practical assessment consider this centre to be challenging.  However, with enough practice a successful test result is achievable. A few things to be aware of when doing test in Greenslopes are listed below.

Key points for Greenslopes test centre

  • Arrive early, this test centre can get busy. The parking space for driving test vehicles is inside the undercover shopping centre car park. There is parking space specifically for practical driving tests.

Road signs

There are a few directional signs that can result in a critical error. So, we encourage learner drivers to familiarize themselves with these signs. These include no left / right turn signs, left only signs and also one way signs. Examiners do not give directions at these types of intersections. Learner drivers who live in and around the city area also have to be extremely good at observing road signs. This is because the city area has a wider range of road signs and is generally busier than the suburbs. 

Highway merge

Familiarize yourself with highway merge. An important one to note is when merging into Pacific Motorway after turning left from Juliette Street. This merge is a really quick one as the students are required to immediately match the speed of the traffic already on the motorway. The speed of above 80km/hr is recommended when merging otherwise the driving test candidate risks making a critical error. Not having enough speed also forces other cars to unnecessarily change lanes or suddenly slowing down.

School zones

There are a number of school zones around this area as well. Therefore, those going to do the test should watch out for all the traffic speed signs. The school zone begins when a driver passes a 40km/hr speed sign. It only ends when the driver pass another speed sign. Be mindful that sometimes when you turn into a different road that this may still be a school zone. Signal Driving School can help you familiarize with the school zones around the Greenslopes test centre.

Hill start

As the name suggests, Greenslopes has a few hills in the area. Thus, learner drivers going for their manual transmission test should especially be aware of these hills. Therefore,  they may need to demonstrate that they are able to do hill start without the car rolling backwards or even stalling. Please note that stalling a manual vehicle is actually not a critical error unless this is repeated a couple of times.Last but not least, Signal Driving School instructors offer a pre-test lesson to help you familiarize yourself with this area.

Carseldine Test Centre

Carseldine Driving Test centre is located on the north side of Brisbane. This centre can prove quite challenging to learner driver who may not had an opportunity to drive around this area. However, with much practice the learner driver is able to pass their driving test on the first attempt. Although passing a driving test can be a good feeling, many learner driver fails to understand that having a driver’s license is a huge responsibility. Driving includes ensuring that both the driver, passengers and all other road users such as pedestrians are safe at all times. Some of the things to consider when doing a practical driving test around Carseldine  Test Centre area are listed below.

Key points for Carseldine test centre

  • There are a lot of school zones around this area. Those going to do the test should watch out for all the traffic speed signs. The school zone begins when a driver passes a 40km/hr speed sign and only ends when the driver passes another speed sign. Be mindful that sometimes a school zone may still be in effect when you urn into a different road. Signal Driving School can help familiarize yourself with Carseldine school zones
  • Motorway merging is very common in this area and students should ensure that they merge doing the right speed. Students often try to merge at low speed which subsequently results in a critical driving error. Our driver trainers can help you familiarize with the motorways around Carseldine
  • Roundabouts are common around Carseldine. Driving test candidates must be aware of how to progress through this sort of intersection with care, especially a multi-lane roundabout. Signal Driving School can help in this regard.
testing centre

It is a huge responsibility to posses a driver’s licence  You might have heard from either your friends or colleagues that Toowong Testing centre is quite challenging. As a driver trainer who have given numerous driving lessons around Toowong and Rosalie area, I partly agree with this. However, I don’t agree with those who think that it’s nearly impossible to pass the driving test on first attempt or even get a perfect pass. A lot of practice around  this area is all that the learner driver needs to be able to succeed. 

Driving in the city can be quite hectic with so much traffic and it is essential that learner drivers familiarize themselves with different driving situations. These include but are not limited to merging and lane changes, roundabouts; and having a clear understanding of give way and stop signs at intersections. Of course, every driver has to be constantly scanning for traffic hazards and know the speed limits of the road in which they are driving in.  At Signal Driving School, we offer a preparation lesson that can help you pass your driving test at the Toowong Testing Centre. Click here to book this lesson.

Recommended practice area 1: Toowong Roundabout

This busy multi lane roundabout requires good judgement that even experienced drivers can struggle to pass through it. Fortunately, Signal Driving School can give you advice on how to proceed through it.

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