Greenslopes Driving Test Centre

I Just thought I would share my experience with Driving Tests at Greenslopes Driving Test Centre. This centre is on the South side of Brisbane approximately 10-15 minutes from the city. It is one centre that many candidates looking to do their practical driving assessment consider challenging. However, with enough practice, a successful test result is achievable. We discuss a few things to be aware of when doing a test in Greenslopes Driving Test Centre below.

Some Tips Regarding Driving Test At Greenslopes

  • Arrive early, Greenslopes Driving Test Centre can get busy. The parking space for driving test vehicles is inside the undercover shopping centre car park. There is a parking space specifically for practical driving tests.
  • There are a few directional signs that can cause a critical error. For this reason, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with no left and right turn signs and left turn only signs. We also recommend being familiar one-way signs. Examiners will not give you directions at these types of intersections. Reading road signs ahead of time is not just important when doing a driving test. It is also useful, especially for those who live around the city area. As they have to be extremely good at observing road signs and road markings.


First, familiarize yourself with high way merge. Especially when merging into the Pacific motorway after turning left from Juliette street. This merge is a really quick one for Greenslopes Driving Test Centre test candidate. A candidate is immediately required to match the speed of the traffic already on the motorway. The speed of above 80km/hr is recommended when merging. it is important to note that driving test candidate risks making a critical error when attempting to merge at low speed. In worse case scenario other traffic takes extra actions.

School Zones

Few school zones around this area as well and those going to do the test should watch out for all the traffic speed signs. The school zone begins when a driver passes a 40km/hr speed sign. It only ends when the driver passes another speed sign. Be mindful that sometimes when you turn into a different road that this may still be a school zone. Signal Driving School can help familiarize yourself with Greenslopes Driving test centre school zones.

Hill Starts

Especially those going for a manual driving test should also be aware that Greenslopes Driving Test Centre have and its routes have hills. For this reason, we recommend that you master hill starts. As the name suggests this area has a few hills so you may need to demonstrate that you are able to do the hill starts.  In reality, the car should not roll backwards or even stall. Please note that stalling a manual vehicle is actually not a critical error unless you do it a couple of times.


Signal Driving School driving instructors can offer you the following around Greenslopes Driving Test Centre and its routes:

  • A pre-test lesson to help you familiarize yourself with this area
  • Manoeuvre Driving Lesson
  • Mock Test where Instructor will act as an examiner and give you feedback after
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