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Would you like Signal Driving School to take the hassle out of booking a weekday practical driving test? We have recently introduced a service to help our clients book weekday driving tests.

Things to keep in mind before submitting a booking request through our driving school website:

All the practical driving assessment we book can be booked together with a Signal Driving School car as well as a pre-test lesson. Under some situation, you may use your vehicle. A pre-test lesson is mandatory for those who choose to use their own car. See the pricing here.

The waiting time for a weekday test can be up to 30 days, and in some cases, more. If you want to book your driving test sooner, you need to consider booking your practical driving test on Saturday. However, keep in mind that doing a driving test on Saturday cost slightly more!
It can take up to 5 days for our driving school team to finalize a slot that fits your schedule and the driving instructor’s availability.
We usually recommend booking at least two driving lessons before the day of the test if you have not been learning with one of our driver trainers. This allows the driving instructor to show you many of the driving situations and maneuvers that the test covers.

How it works:

After submitting the form below, our driving school staffs will check for available dates and times. We will then send you an email. If you are happy with the time, we will book the test on your behalf. Otherwise, we will offer you an alternative time. We will then send you a confirmation email. Follow this link to see how to prepare for your upcoming Queensland driving test.

You can either pay the booking fee in two ways:

  • Pay at the TMR office and send us a receipt number then we will book the test.
  • Pay to our driving school and we will pay it on your behalf.

Driving Test Costs

The costs involved are as follow:

  • QLD Transport booking fee $60.56 & Driving School Car Hire + Pre-Test Lesson. Click here to see the prices
  • You will then pay for your licence on the day of the test when you pass your test. See the fees here
  • Once you’ve paid all the agreed payment, you will get a confirmation email containing the details of your upcoming Queensland driving test

Terms and conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the licence requirements have been met such as the written test and logbook requirements. Moreover, logbook exemption must have been submitted, approved and not pending. Current driver’s licence is mandatory. Generally, You have to have held a Queensland learner licence for at least a period of 1 year. Other requirements set by the Department of Transport and Main Roads must also be met before you book a weekday driving test. If you have an overseas license, you need to have completed a written driving test prior to booking a practical driving test. With this in mind, your licence must¬† be current and up to date with the TMR. Signal Driving School will not be responsible if this conditions have not been met!¬†


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